What You Must Refrain From When Doing A Flower Arrangment

What You Must Refrain From When Doing A Flower Arrangment

There are many different types of flora out there. Some are more exquisite than others. You will have to carefully try to arrange them in a manner which will draw the eye of the beholder. Be aware that you will not need different types to make your arrangement stand out. Here are some mistakes you must not perform or do:


You must stay away from using different types of flowers. They might look pretty at first and the idea might sound interesting you but it can turn into a disaster. If you like a few varieties then stick to using them for your bouquets or pots. If you use several then they can end up clashing the look of your masterpiece. You can ask a flower delivery service to add a few types you like.


You must try your best to cut the stems. If you cut them in a wrong manner then they might appear ghastly. Sometimes the plant might not have any life in it so it will look dry. Make sure that you trim it properly to prevent any bacteria from collecting too. You can ask a florist or an experienced horticulturist as to how you must trim them.


You must not mix and match them without thinking about colors. Most of them do not go with one and another. There are some colors which will match with other shades like pink and baby blue. Try to create different textures by placing them in bouquets or clusters. You can use them on window areas or even sills. Make sure that you do purchase readymade ones from a flower delivery Sharjah close to your home.


You must be knowledgeable in flora. If you are not then you must purchase books which will help you learn more about them. There are different species out there some can even be poisonous. Try to purchase some books on arranging too then it will help you piece together which ones will look good together. If you want to become well experienced in the art then you will have to take a master class with an experienced guru who will know how to teach you the tips and tricks of the trade. You can even ask your loved one or a family member to join the class with you if you want to make it an interesting experience for all. Ask the teacher as many questions as you possibly can as this will help you clear any doubts you might have.

Author: Fausto Bianchi