The Importance Of Dance

The Importance Of Dance

Dancing is a form of expression. Dancing is also an entertaining and captivating exercise which is fun to do. Everyone loves to dance regardless of whether they are good at it or not. However, not many people are aware of why we dance or the importance of it. There are various forms of dance like ballet, hip hop, break dance, salsa, jive and ballroom. These varieties help people of different backgrounds and cultures express themselves in whichever style they are comfortable in.

Universal Language

Dance can help anyone express themselves at any given moment. This is because it shares similarities between people of different tastes, emotions, needs, and backgrounds and due to this, dancing has not just become globally known, but also a universal language that would connect people to one another from all walks of life. Many children are usually sent to a dance class in Dubai in school as an extracurricular activity to further enhance and develop this freedom of expression apart from attending a subject like painting and art.

Share a bond

Dancing generally creates a very positive and exciting environment for all to enjoy in. The unity and bonds created while dancing with others help energize and inspire each other and sometimes form strong bonds that last a life time. Any form of dancing would draw people together even if they are the more daring styles of dancing. It is very likely that a dance floor or a dance class would help build new friendships and help families, friends and children bond together due to the connections they share through this activity.


Most importantly and one of the most significant physical and mental changes that can take place through dancing is its ability to help the body and mind relax. The day to day frustrations and anxieties are instantly taken away at least for a temporary time. The “feel good” hormone called dopamine that is released while dancing makes people feel good about themselves and others and help them have fun leaving their worries and tensions out temporarily. This is also like aerobic exercises as it also relaxes the body and its muscles automatically when the mind is relaxed.


Dancing is also a highly entertaining act. Whilst people dance they are likely to be entertained or be entertaining to others and bring a great sense of joy to everyone. Any form of dancing would require lots of energy and determination and a carefree nature depending on the style. Most large gatherings of friends and family like weddings, birthdays and get-togethers definitely have free style dancing as a form of entertainment and is also the most looked forward to at any event.

Author: Fausto Bianchi