How To Avoid Embarrassing Wardrobe Malfunctions

How To Avoid Embarrassing Wardrobe Malfunctions

Over the years, we have watched countless celebrities succumb to wardrobe malfunctions. These are typically quite inappropriate and extremely embarrassing for the individuals in question. We mere mortals are not free from this risk, however. Many women have had the unfortunate experience of having their clothes give way at the worst moments possible.

Luckily there are some very handy solutions to these problems. A sticky bra, some pins, seamless underwear, and tape will ensure that you will never be self-conscious again. Here is why you should never leave the house without at least some of these items:

No more Nip Slips

These are quite common on the red carpet and can lead to an awkward moment all around. It does not take much to prevent it, however. All you really need is a sticky bra. The true beauty of this invention is that it clings to you like a second skin. So even if you are wearing a backless dress or flimsy top that happens to slip a bit, you still are covered – literally. You can further reinforce your outfit with the help of some double sided tape. It will keep necklines and hemlines in place despite a lot of movement.


Skinny jeans and form fitting pants are not going anywhere any time soon. This is why you need to solve your VPL (or visible panty line) problem pronto. The best way to avoid this embarrassing display is to always buy underwear that fits. Underwear that is too tight or loose will cause those unsightly lines. Of course if you really want to make sure that you never suffer from this problem again, you need to start buying seamless underwear. This type of lingerie will ensure that there are no bulging or bulky outlines to be seen at all.

Tears, Rips, and Popped Buttons

These type of malfunctions can be the bane of many women’s existence. They also seem to occur at the most unfortunate time. Usually right before a meeting or at a glamorous event. This is why you should never leave home without at least a handful of safety pins. Make sure that you have small and large ones to fix and types of tears that may occur. This will help you to temporarily solve the problem and get through the event without needing to change. If you want to step this backup plan a notch, you can also choose to carry a small sewing kit with you.

Now that these common wardrobe malfunctions have been solved, you are free to go off into the world without fear. You are now well covered.

Author: Fausto Bianchi