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  • Reasons You Need To Visit A Gynaecologist

    Some women like to visit their obstetrician every time they feel something is wrong with them. Remember that an appointment with a qualified and experienced obstetrician can cost you a lot of money. Therefore, you must only visit this professional if something is truly wrong with your health. It can quite difficult to tell when you are actually sick and when you are not. The following are some instances when you should definitely pay your obstetrician a visit.

    Menstrual irregularities

    If you notice that your periods are irregular and off the timetable, then you need pay the doc a visit. The menstrual cycle can be messed in so many ways. You can get recurrent periods within the span of 21 days, you can experience inter-menstrual bleeding in which you will bleed in-between your periods and you might also go through unnaturally heavy periods that might last for more than a weak.

    Problems with genitalia

    If you notice any unusual problems in your lady parts, then it is essential for you to get treatment from the best gynaecologist in Dubai. Blood in urine, burning sensation during urination and increases urine frequency are some common problems that you need to be aware about. These are usually signs of a urinary tract infection and therefore need to be treated as soon as possible. Even though pain-relief medication can make you feel better, do know that they can worsen the severity of the condition.

    Breast issues

    If the discomfort in your breasts seem unnatural, then you need to consult the best gynaecologist to get yourself diagnosed. You must not disregard problems with your breasts as unimportant since they might be the signs of a brain cancer. For instance, if you feel a lump in your breasts or even notice discharge from the nipples, it is best to consult an obstetrician immediately.

    Lower abdominal pains

    Occasional pelvic discomfort and pain must not be disregarded either. Unusual and extreme pain in this area can lead to serious consequences. Therefore, it is important for you to get yourself check before it can develop into a serious condition. If you experience abdominal pain after sexual intercourse or during menstruation, you need medical attention. Although menstrual cramps are normal in the abdomen region, you need to get yourself checked if there become unbearable.

    It is important for you to take care of yourself properly and regularly since such diseases can lead to serious health consequences. Therefore, it is highly important for you to maintain your health and hygiene at all times.