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  • Phenomenal Uses Of Baking Soda That You Did Not Know

    Sodium bicarbonate is a salt, is also sometimes known as cooking soda, baking soda, bicarbonate soda and bread soda. Baking soda is a famous agent that works tireless in bakeries and confectionaries. It is used on anything that is to be baked (in flour based products mostly) to make the baking good finish off nicely. And currently it is gaining even more fame as a great cleaning agent for your kitchen and bathroom. But there are other awesome uses of baking soda that might have slipped your notice. Here are some of them.

    As facial scrubs and body exfoliant

    If you are a fan of Korean cosmetics or East Asian cosmetics in general, then you would have noticed that baking soda is a prime ingredient in many of their products. Usually baking soda exfoliant can be made at home with one part of water mixed with 3 parts of baking soda.

    Then rub this paste on your skin in circular motions for a couple of minutes and then wash off. Baking soda can actually be used on your skin on a daily basis without any pressure. Baking soda sugar scrubs DIY recipes can be found on the internet to save on the dollars spent on commercial products. Link here http://www.justwhitedental.com/ to gather information about the dental clinic that provides a wide variety of dental care services designed to help you flash a brighter, healthier smile.

    Anything teeth related and mouth odor related

    Baking soda comes recommended by professional Hollywood smile dental clinic establishments due to its ability to get rid of odor. Baking soda can be used to get rid of odour anywhere (literally). You can use it on your mouth by mixing one teaspoon with half a glass of water and sloshing around in your mouth. And then you can use baking soda on your kitchen drain to get rid of the smell there as well.

    Hollywood smile dental clinic Dubai advices people to use baking soda as a DIY toothpaste ingredient as well. You can mix baking soda and 3% hydrogen peroxide solution to make a non-fluoride toothpaste that does not contain unnecessary chemicals. There are multiple recipes for homemade toothpaste based on baking soda on Google that you can try. If making all these pastes is a hassle then you can just dip your wet toothbrush on to baking soda and brush with that.

    Baking soda also has properties to work on your heartburn, upset or sour stomach and acid indigestion issues. It can also get rid of itchiness and slight poison you get from insect bites like bee stings. If you do not like the soaps and hand washes that have all these chemicals included as well, then make your own version of a hand cleanser that is good to your skin with 3 parts baking soda and 1 part water.

  • The Differences Between Contract Employees And Salaried Ones

    You might be wondering as to what the differences are between salaried employees and those that work on contract basis. Most of us do not understand the differences as they are very subtle. If you are considering hiring the correct one you need to distinguish them clearly. Here are some differences for you to ponder on:


    These workers work the whole month or general period of work and get paid for the entire month, while in IT outsourcing the employer can disagree to pay the complete price. It simply means that with or without much notice that the person might face discriminatory justification or reasons. Generally it is a rather volatile job in comparison to a full time pay. They can be hired by anyone at any time, some workers are hired for a specific time period sometimes even the place they work at can send them for assignments. They can be hired directly by the supervisor or person in charge too. They are meant for a specific time and they can be compensated in a different manner in comparison to those who work fulltime. There is also a different termination rule which will require some sort of written document by the agency.


    A salaried worker is entitled to do anything that the supervisor or boss requests them to do. He or she can even be hired by a law firm and these responsibilities can include working in a courtroom and writing contracts as well as briefs. Sometimes researching case studies or assigning work can also be done by them unlike a contract worker who will only perform a specific task. They can be hired to work on a case file or to simply translate a document. The difference is that it depends on what the contract stipulates.


    Most employers in general are the ones who are responsible for tabulating the value of the tax for their employees. This includes federal charges as well as social security values. Keep in mind that regular workers have to pay the tax based on the total wages while contract staffing in Dubai have to pay it based on a percentage, most of it is done through an independent agency. They will have to calculate and remit the charge to the government.


    Most workers who do work on a fulltime basis will complain that they are not given enough opportunities to grow or that their bosses are too strict and controlling. Most of the rules can result in employees leaving while contract workers get to try out different jobs at different time periods. Their jobs might seem unstable but it is rather flexible and easy going for someone who does not like to be tied down into one particular, monotonous role. The differences are subtle but easy to spot if you pay close attention.

  • Clothing Items Men Must Stay Away From For Good

    There are different types of clothing items that men must stay away from. Some might appear to be too big or lose for your body shape and type. The color can be wrong on your skin tone. These are factors that you must look into when you are purchasing items. Here are some pieces you must stay away from:
    You must stay away from shorts which reveal too much. Some might cost too much and reveal too much too. Visit good tailors in Dubai if you can fix your pair of shorts. Sometimes the thread or hem can be removed to make more space inside. If you cannot mend them then try to return them or simply throw them away.
    If you have a sweater or cardigan which is too big then you must return it. If it is too big for you then you might find it uncomfortable to move around in. It can get tangled on items as the sleeves can appear to be too sloppy. You mum might have made it for you but if it doesn’t look good or keep you warm enough you need to get rid of it.
    The shirts might be printed but if they do offend anyone then you need to dispose them. The phrases can be offensive or silly to others. You might have purchased it so that it can be worn for Cross fit or to hang out with your friends at the bar but it won’t help you score any girls. Girls are drawn to men who dress well. Ask good tailors to make some shirts and pants for you which will make you look good. If you want something printed look for a checkered one.
    Hats have been around for centuries but not each and every one of them are flattering. Your friends might make fun of you if you wear something which is loose or too tight. Classy items is for men who have a sense of style so if you are someone who is confused about which hat you must buy ask a sales clerk for some help. Finding the right one can change your face and head shape.
    Remember that there are many items out there that you must stay away from. You might be making more fashion mistakes than you think you are. Ask your friends and family members for advice if you are concerned about what you must purchase for use.