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  • Migrate Worthy Countries

    Leaving your country behind is a big decision that will turn your life upside down. It will be a roller coaster ride, with awesome moments and moment that make you feel like you have hit rock bottom. Where you go and whom you go with, are the most important aspects of a migration. Following are a list of a few welcoming countries, that might be glad to have you.

    Canada – Canada ranks as one of the most welcoming, with a comparatively lenient immigration system. A Canada immigration consultant in Dubai can provide you with better insights, in to this claim. Canada boasts ethnic diversity, along with high standards of living. Most importantly, it is a big country, with a lot of vacant space.

    It has a good education system, though the fees may be pretty high for foreign students. It also has a comparatively low rate of taxes, the word ‘comparatively’ being the key, and it also boasts a low crime-rate. Impressed? Get hold of a Canada immigration consultant immediately, for more details.

    Germany – Germany is standing attractively strong, against all economic trouble that Europe is going through. That is reason enough to migrate to Germany, and that is exactly why thousands of immigrants are pouring into Germany. The government universities are free of charge and there are efficient public health services. Consequently, the tax rate in Germany is quiet high. It is becoming culturally diverse by the day. Moreover, a German passport is known to be one of the most powerful passports in the world.

    Australia – It is a country with scenic beauty and great diversity. It is also one of the most comfortable places to live in, in terms of living standards. If you choose the correct path to go to Australia, you are probably set for life because you receive so much supports in you studies, your career and health related services. Tuition for foreign students is not cheap, but is worth it, in terms of university experience.

    Singapore – Almost everyone is Singapore is involved. So will you be, if you chose to go to this beautiful country in the South East Asia. It is an extra clean country, which is also small. The facilities the country offers are much high in comparison to it low tax rate. It has a good education system, but is quiet expensive, especially for the foreign students. People there speak English, Malay, Mandarin or Tamil.

    United Arab Emirates – UAE is very attractive due to its high wages, and the absence of personal income tax. The Emirates have a very few percentage of locals living amongst them, while the majority are foreigners. If you are skilled, and if you hold a passport of a Western country, you will be treated very well in the Middle East. It is rather tough for others. The downside of UAE is that it is very difficult, or almost impossible, to obtain citizenship, and settle down in the UAE. So, most foreigners only come for work purposes.