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  • The Internet And How It Works

    The internet is referred to as a “packet switched” network. This means that information sent over the internet is not done so via a direct, unbroken connection between sender and receiver. Instead the information is broken up into smaller “chunks” or packets, and then sent over many different routes where it is finally reassembled at the receiving end. This mechanism is handled by the two fundamental internet protocols; Transaction Control Protocol (TCP) and Internet Protocol (IP) and is collectively referred to as TCP/IP. The TCP’s task is to break down the information into packets and reassemble while the IP’s task is to ensure the packets are sent to the correct destination.
    The internet can be viewed in many different ways. It functions as an information source due to the vast number of websites that currently exist and at the same time it functions as a collection of networked computers as it is an amalgam of thousands of individual telecommunication networks. It also functions as a collection of individuals and organizations, tool to link business to business and a tool to link business to consumer. E-commerce is a term that is being used hand-in-hand with the internet. Gone are the days when businessmen thought that website designing is a novel extension to their business. It has become a necessity and something very ordinary for every business.
    Website designing and creating for commercial purposes has become merely a 4 step simple process. First step is registering a domain name; which is not just an address on the internet; it is also the e-business brand name. The next step is to find a third party, a “web host” to host the site. Next you need to join a payments system to provide the capability to make and receive payments and the final step is to obtain web software to enable creation of the site and ordering facilities. A few things to consider when creating e-business are to set goals and know what is to be achieved and who the audience is. Be realistic, be committed and responsive by making it look attractive and keeping it updated.
    Another widely used term when talking about the internet is “search engines”. A search engine is a website that uses its own software, sometimes referred to as “intelligent robots”, “web spiders” or “web robots” that roam, catalogue, index and compile references to as many websites as they possibly can. They follow hyperlinks contained in each web page they encounter and continue this process from website to website, building up libraries of information as they progress. Visitors to this site can then interactively query information that is enlisted by the search engine.

  • What You Need To Ask Before Renting An Apartment

    When they are on the hunt for a place to live, a lot of prospective renters fall into a trap. They think about the possibilities that are open to them with their own place. You might think that you have free reign to imitate The Great Gatsby and have huge parties every other day. The truth is that there are more practical things to think about like fees, landlords and rules. Before you sign the lease on that gorgeous little place you found, stop and think for a little while. Take some time to yourself and ask yourself some questions. If you don’t ask these, you will wind up breaking your experience with apartments, and you could find that your bank account is empty before you have even considered it.
    Should I Hire A Rental Agent?
    You might be wondering if you need a professional who knows all about finding an apartment for rent in Dubai Marina in order to get the best deal. On the other hand, there is the added concern of the cost of their services. Make sure you think about the market in the area before starting your search. There are a number of different agencies out there who will take a few moments to send you a list of all the eligible places in your selected neighborhood. Of course, they will charge you a fee. You do have to think about the cost of this and compare it to how difficult it actually is to find a place in the area. If it isn’t too hard, you don’t really need to hire an agent. This is going to be an added cost for you, and if you don’t need it why would you spend unnecessarily?
    Can I Decorate The Place How I Want It?
    When you get a Downtown Dubai apartment for rent you sign a lease. In this type of agreement, you are usually allowed to do what you want to the apartment while you live there. There is the condition that you restore the place to the same state as it was when you moved in for the first time. Read the small print, so that you can be sure you are allowed to paint the place.
    The last thing you want is an angry landlord yelling at you for ignoring the terms of the lease and painting the living room wall bright green. Never drive nails into walls or use any other destructive methods of decorating, just in case it is against the lease terms.